Hajj 2019

Hajj Package 2019



British XPATS of Gulf States can also book Hajj/Umrah through us.

Saudi Airlines Flight Schedule

Outgoing Flight03/08/2019SV118LHR-MED170501:05+1
Return Flight16/08/2019SV113JED-LHR02:0506:20

Package Highlights - TBC

  • Direct Return Flights on Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Outbound to Medinah / Return from Jeddah
  • Half Board in Makkah & Medina Hotel
  • Hajj Drafts
  • Visa obtained on your Behalf
  • Full transportation: Medinah – Makkah – Mina – Arafat – Muzdalifa – Mina – Makkah – Jeddah)
  • Organizers / Guide accompanying group throughout
  • EXTRA SERVICES MINA – (Motawaf), Upgraded Tents, Full Board, Sofa Bed etc…
  • Mazarat / Ziyarat in Medinah (Two Qibla Mosque, Uhud Mountain & Quba Mosque)
  • Imam to accompany group throughout.
  • Pre-Hajj Seminar
  • Drawstring Bag for Footwear
  • Air Cabin size bag for use during days of Hajj
  • Pilgrim Identification Card
  • 24 Hour Access to group Guides (Including Female guide for ladies group)

Accommodation / Hotels


Al-Haram Hotel


Al-Safwa Royal Orchid

Religious Guide


Sheikh Ismail

Imaam of Hastings Mosque

Sheikh Ismail is a full-time Imaam of Hastings Mosque (Masjid al Haqq), where he lives with his family.

Sheikh Ismail has been in the UK since 2000 when he came here to pursue his MA in Islamic Studies at Muslim College in London. Before coming to the UK Sheikh Ismail had lived in Al-Madinah Al-Monawara where he graduated from Madinah Islamic University in 1993 with BA in Shariah.

Inshallah, this year will be Sheikh Ismail’s ninth year to join Hajj Group of EL-SAWY TRAVEL as the Group Imaam.


Aug 2019DHSchedule
Sat 3rd*1stSaudi Airline Direct Flight from London Heathrow Terminal 4. You have to be in the Heathrow Airport 5 hours before departure.
Arrive at Medina Airport Early morning, and take a coach to check in to Medinah Al-HARAM HOTEL.
Sun 4th2ndVisit the Mosque of Prophet Muhammad and do worship.
Mon 5th3rdMazarat (Visit Uhud Mountain, the Two Qibla Mosque and Qibaa Mosque).
Tue 6th4thFREE DAY in Medina to visit the Prophet Mohammed’s Grave and Masjid.
Wed 7th5thLeave Medinah Hotel after Friday prayer and travel to Makkah by coach. Check into AL-SAFWAH ROYALE ORCHID HOTEL late in the evening. Perform Umrah as a group once after everyone has checked in and rested.
Thu 8th6thFREE DAY to enjoy being in the Haram / Masjid and a good chance to rest in preparation for performing Hajj.
Fri 9th7thPrepare to make our way to Mina towards the end of the day, closer to midnight. We will pray Fajr in Mina.
Sat 10th8thMINA – Spend the whole day in Mina, Day of Tarwaya (Day of Watering).
Sun 11th9thARAFAT – HAJJ DAY
Leaving Arafat at Night and traveling to Muzdalifa after 11pm.
Mon 12th10thEID DAY
Continue to Mina early in the morning to drop your hand luggage and then immediately to throw the Jamarat.
Tue 13th11thThrowing Jamarat and walking to the Haram to perform Tawaf Alifadha.
Wed 14th12thThrow the last set of JAMARAT early in the morning and make our way back to our hotel in Makkah.
Thu 15th13thFREE DAY - Staying in AL-SAFWAH ROYALE ORCHID HOTEL, Makkah to enjoy your stay in the Qaaba.
Fri 16th14thPerform farewell Tawaf during the day (Tawaf Al-Wada).
Fri 16th*14thLeave Makkah to go to Jeddah Airport. Retun flight to London from Jeddah Airport.

*All dates are subject to change, + or – 1 day. The Itinerary will be updated closer to the departure date. The dates are according to Umm El-Qurra Calendar.

Why Choose El-Sawy?

Alhamdulillah thousands of pilgrims have enjoyed performing Hajj & Umrah with us over the past 40 years. Here are just some of the reasons why…

40 Years+ Experience

Office in Central London

Ministry of Hajj Approved

  • El-Sawy Travel has been a family run business for over 40 years and registered since 1978. We’re personally involved with every Hajj or Umrah mission, senior members of our team accompany groups so that we can be responsible on hand to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of the pilgrims who travel with us.
  • Our Hajj group is spiritually lead by the Imam Shykh Ismail Youssef (Imam of Hastings Mosque).
  • Our offices are conveniently located in London, opposite London Central Mosque, (The Islamic Cultural Centre at Regent’s Park).
  • We are the first International Company to arrange Hajj & Umrah trips from the UK and Ireland.
  • El-Sawy Travel are proud to be the first Hajj & Umrah operator in the UK to obtain accreditation and become fully bonded and licensed by IATA, ATOL & ABTA.
  • You can pay by installments, providing all balance is cleared before travel.
  • El-Sawy are a MINISTRY OF HAJJ AUTHORISED AGENT, with our own Hajj Quota and our own Umrah contract with Elaf group.
  • Our Umrah service provider, Elaf group, is among the top 100 companies in Saudi Arabia.
  • Many of our clients come back to us frequently for their Hajj or Umrah travel needs – evidence of their satisfaction which goes way beyond the shining testimonials we’re proud to receive year on year.

Watch a video of one of our previous Hajj tours.


Quad Rooms

£6950 per person

Based on 4 people sharing

Triple Rooms

£8250 per person

Based on 3 people sharing

Double Rooms

£9500 per person

Based on 2 people sharing

To discuss your requirements further or answer any questions you may still have, just contact us for one-to-one help and advice.

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El-Sawy Travel has been featured in an article in Arab News.